Standing Out From the Crowd

Differentiating your proposition from that of your competitors has always been THE marketing challenge for professional service firms. Their service offerings are very similar and when they do try to differentiate themselves, they tend to do the same things, so the attempts usually fail. Sometimes a new opportunity arrives to be ‘different’ – being in […]

  in Guest Post - June 12, 2017

The Future of Lawyers

Large industries need innovation to continue to thrive, and law does not escape this rule. Client demands are changing and lawyers must be able to meet demand for new services and different practice areas. With children, as young as 8 spending upwards of 7 hours a day on different forms of technology, solicitors and barristers […]

  in Guest Post - May 8, 2017


Unfortunately, there has been a further instance of a fraud being perpetrated against an unsuspecting client of a law firm reported recently. Although the subject of national press coverage this is not an isolated incident – most firms will have a story about a very close shave with the cyber criminals. Unfortunately, an increasing […]

  in Guest Post - February 14, 2017