Apps For Solicitors

If you are searching for a legal app that will transform the way Solicitors communicate with clients then welcome to The Link App.

The Link App brings together clients and Solicitors through one easy to you system that lets you send secure updates directly to your clients’ smartphones.

Founded by a Solicitor, The Link App has four key benefits:

  • • Saves time and money by reducing inbound and outbound calls, emails and letters. On average a Solicitor only needs to save 10 minutes per month using The Link App to cover the cost, after which this unique tool improves your profitability on every matter.

  • • Helps you win more business by providing a tangible point of difference when dealing with initial enquiries and improves the overall client experience, leading to increased repeat business and recommendations.

  • • Improves communication between Solicitors and clients - one of the most frequent complaints against law firms is a lack of communication during matters. Implementing The Link App across your practice will help eliminate this issue.

To view a demonstration of the app for your law firm please click here or call 02034 881 480.