For Clients

So how does The Link App work for your clients?

Client App Firstly, the app can be downloaded and used completely free of charge. We’ll send an email containing simple instructions on how to do this.

Once up and running, updates and documents can be sent at key points during cases or transactions, reducing the need for clients to keep chasing and easing their worries about progress.

Not only that, but:

  • The Link App is secure: clients will only ever be able to see their own cases and the app has the option to require password re-entry as soon as they navigate away (perfect for those who don’t always lock their devices).

  • The Link App is available on Apple (iOS) and Android, for both mobile and tablet devices, so clients can access it anywhere and at any time.

  • Should they need it, clients can request a call back, letting you know how urgent their query is. There is also the option for them to use the ‘contact us’ feature, where they can call or email you directly, via the app.

  • The Link App acts as a time-saving device for both you and your client, reducing costs to both parties.

  • One dedicated portal for a client’s legal updates means no more searching through stacks of paper or hundreds of emails to track progress.

  • No more waiting around; the push notification updates are received instantly.

Your clients also receive free access to the Client Portal: a website for people that don't have access to a smartphone.