Why The Link App

Our experience in the legal sector has shown us that client expectations are increasing and this change means law firms have to adapt. At the heart of this demand is the way firms communicate with clients; that’s where our solution comes in.

With plenty of simple but effective features, The Link App is perfect for legal firms looking to evolve, innovate and stand out from the crowd, alongside the main aim of improving client satisfaction.

Ultimately, The Link App serves to increase productivity across the working day by keeping clients in the loop without the need for back and forth communication, freeing up valuable time. In turn, this creates happier, returning clients.

Do you need more reasons as to why The Link App is essential to your firm?

  • We can integrate with your current applications, allowing you to save even more time while improving your clients' satisfaction.

  • Keeps clients up to date with the progress of their case, reducing the need for constant phone calls, emails and letters – saving firms both time and money.

  • Allows both solicitors and clients 24/7 access to essential case information within a secure environment.

  • All interactions are automatically recorded, meaning there is no need for file notes.

  • Completely free to use, for clients.

  • Minimal costs. Most firms choose the per user option for fixed pricing and unlimited use, but per case options are also available.

  • The ideal marketing tool in an increasingly competitive and consumer-driven market; a reason for a client to use your firm over another.