General FAQs

How do we calculate the increase in efficiency?

This will naturally vary firm by firm. Variants such as the current methods of communication and number of cases per fee-earner will impact the savings you will make. However, we are certain that every firm can drive efficiency by using The Link App.

By keeping the client in the loop our users report they eliminate the need for unnecessary calls. The following was calculated with one of our mid-tier law firm users by an independent data analyst. The average length of personal injury case is 18 months. The average number of calls is one per month. The average caseload in personal injury of 125 files per fee-earner. The average time spent per call is 25 mins. That is 7.5 hours per case. 125 cases x 7.5 = 937 hours per fee earner over 18 month period. If a fee-earner works say 8 hours a day for 5 days a week for 45 weeks per year that is 1,800 hours a year. Over 18 months therefore the total time worked is 2,700 hours.

A saving of 937 hours by using The Link App in a 2,700 hour period is a 34% increase in productivity.

You can vary the number of cases and calls to your firm’s specific circumstances but we think you will agree there is a lot of time to be gained.

Why are clients so impressed by firms offering The Link App?

The needs of clients are changing and law firms must adapt to survive. Clients experience increase levels of service in many other sectors, especially when it comes to their use of technology. Think about it for a moment, in their personal lives your client use apps for even the most sensitive things like banking. They likely communicate with their friends and family over WhatsApp and Facebook messenger. These tools don’t meet the security and compliance standards you need but have the sort of features and modern experience your clients know and love. Yet when they instruct your firm, you ask them to go back to outdated web-portals, emails or worse, letters.

The legal sector often has the reputation for being slow to adapt, therefore firms offering The Link App are at a distinct competitive advantage in instantly answer that unmet client need.

Can my brand be included in The Link App?

Yes, your firm’s branding can be shown when your client receives case updates.

Why is The Link App better than a text message?

The Link App is much better suited to client communication than text or instant messages as it gathers all messages into a single, dedicated channel. Not only this, communications are encrypted and password protected so that confidential information can be kept secure.

The Link App also allows you to securely send documents relevant to the case (matter) to your clients, which they can view within the App.

Which areas of law does The Link App cover?

All legal sectors! There’s nothing specific in the technology that restricts its use from one type of law firm to another. In fact, it’s already being used across private client and commercial disciplines as well as in various different sectors.

Does The Link App work for corporate and commercial law too?

The short answer is yes. It could be argued that this innovation is more important to corporate clients, as company directors often need information instantly and don’t have the time to chase. Brief and instant updates in plain English are a necessary way of keeping corporate clients in the loop.

Does The Link App improve understanding between clients and lawyers?

Absolutely. If it was less time consuming to send updates, more would be sent. In our experience, keeping clients up to date and giving them a better understanding of the stages in their case makes them feel in control. Brief updates in plain English at appropriate junctures mean a greater understanding, and this goes a long way.

Can your product help us justify our bills?

One of the observations we made in regards to the client-lawyer relationship was that lawyers work really hard for their clients, and, in the vast majority of cases, the bill (however large) is often perfectly justified. The problem, however, is that the clients often do not fully understand all the stages and hard work that go into their transaction and therefore there is a disconnect between the bill and the perceived work done. If it was less time consuming to send updates, more would be sent. In our experience, keeping clients up to date by using an easily accessible portal is hugely important. By letting them know you are working on their case, even if it isn’t a substantive update, it means clients are getting better customer service and they will start to understand the work involved and, ultimately, the bill.

That’s the two biggest complaints of law firms’ clients – communication and cost – dealt with by implementing one easy-to-use product.

We already use a case (matter) management system. Is integration possible?

For most law firms, integration isn’t necessary, simply due to the fact that when law firms have practical experience of using our product, the benefits have already spoken for themselves. However, it’s a common question and it is possible to integrate. See our integration page for details.

How is it priced?

The Link App standalone licences are priced per year and you have two payment options:

One annual payment of £299 per user.
12 monthly payments of £25 per user.

Law firms with more than 35 users should contact us for a bespoke quote.

With The Link App there are no hidden fees and we do not charge large upfront fees for tech support, consultancy or marketing material.

See the pricing page for full details, including details about integrated licences.

Can I transfer my licence to a colleague?

Our licences are personal and non transferrable. If you’d like a colleague to have access to your cases and clients we suggest you refer them to us so we can set a new licence for them.

What is the cost of integration?

If you choose to integrate, it is possibly a bespoke piece of work to make sure all your needs are catered for, so prices may vary. However if a basic integration is appropriate it can cost as little as £10 user per month. As ever, we’re more than happy to have a conversation about this to help you better understand what is required and potential costs.

Where is the data held and how secure is it?

The data we hold is completely secure. We use 256-bit SSL encryption, which is the same security level that banks use. All data is held at an independent data centre and backed up within the UK (England). Our data centre has ISO 27001 certification, the data never leaves the UK, and is encrypted end-to-end, including everything that passes through both the law firm and user apps.
Encryption is the process of converting information or data into a code, especially to prevent unauthorised access.

Why is The Link App better than standard emails?

First, The Link App’s list of pre populated notifications allows you to send updates in just a few clicks, while email requires longer to compose and send.

Second, your case updates go straight to your client’s devices, minimising the risk of messages or documents being lost due to spam filters.

Lastly, you and your client benefit from having all the information relevant to the case available in one dedicated encrypted channel.

Do we use a mobile phone or computer (or both)?

Lawyers use a desktop application (or web application if they prefer) at all times when using The Link App, and do not need the mobile app.

The web application is accessible from a computer, tablet or mobile device so lawyers can use our product on the go – at Court, for example. Although, technically, your version of the application is accessible by mobile web-browsers, it isn’t optimised for this, so we would always recommend using desktop or tablet browsers.

Your clients will always use the mobile app. This is ideal for them as they can access information anywhere, quickly and efficiently.

Do you provide any training?

We do provide training. It is already really quick to get set up on the app, and even easier to use, for both law firms and clients. Our training ensures fee earners won’t be spending hours and hours out of their day getting set up on The Link App, and it’s very complementary to your existing setup.

Our training takes place either via live online tutorials or in your firm, depending on your preference and the size and location of the rollout.

The initial training will only take about an hour; we will guide you through the whole process and, of course, provide tech support along the way. We also offer a complimentary floor-walker service for larger firms wishing to get more team members live on the app. This comprises of a member of our support team joining you in the office to help you get set up and used to using the app.

Who is using it already?

The Link App is specific to the UK legal profession and the app is currently live in firms across the country – from Dundee to Devon, all the way to Essex, and back up to Edinburgh! The app is used by small law firms with a few users, and, on the other end of the spectrum, by multiple-office law firms with over 200 staff members. Being used by niche firms and full service firms alike, our product really is a wonderfully flexible and cost-effective solution for all. We are looking to roll out The Link App in other sectors in the future.

Is The Link App simple to use?

Yes. There won’t be hours of training and you can be up and running within a day. As it was designed for lawyers, by lawyers, it is a very intuitive app. Traditional legal tech systems are often created to cover all bases, whereas The Link App was built from scratch to answer a specific need. This means the user interface is like no other technology, with a fresh user interface tailored to you.

Will my firm’s branding appear in the app?

Yes. Clients will download The Link App from the App Store or Google Play Store, and it will be your firm’s branding that will be seen within the app.


Features FAQs

Can I share access with my colleagues?

If your colleagues have a licence to use The Link App, you can share access to cases and you are all able to send case updates.
For privacy and security reasons we require that all the people with access to The Link App have their own account. Our terms of use do not allow for accounts to be shared.

Can I send documents to a client using The Link App?

Yes, in addition to sending case updates, you are able to share documents with you clients. They receive instant notifications about it and they are able to access the documents you send securely within The Link App.

Is there an additional cost for sending documents to a client?

No. You can send as many documents are you require. The documents must be a supported file format and not exceed 10MB in size.

We already use a case (matter) management system. Is integration possible?

For most law firms, integration isn’t necessary, simply due to the fact that when law firms have practical experience of using our product, the benefits have already spoken for themselves. However, it’s a common question and it is a possibility in the majority of cases, depending on which software you use.

How will I know if my client got the notification?

Unlike with email or letters, lawyers can instantly tell when notifications sent via The Link App have been read. So if there was an important update regarding deadlines that was sent via email, you wouldn’t know if that information had been delivered. An exception would be if ‘read receipts’ were being used, but these are generally unpopular and can be bypassed. With The Link App, you will know as soon as an update has been accessed, without the need for the client to respond.

Do I have to create the pre-populated notifications?

No, but you can if you wish. Furthermore, whenever we rollout into a new area of law, we give the first firm the opportunity to contribute to this process should they wish.

Does The Link App preserve a solid record of these communications and can they be produced upon demand?

The answer to both of these questions is yes. Our data is held in data rooms in London and backed up every night. Firms can access copies of communications that took place on every case themselves directly via the app, whether that case is open or closed. There is no need for our intervention. PDFs or printed copies can be made in a matter of seconds.

To what degree does the app access other data on your mobile device? Would it have access to your contacts, GPS data, calendar information?

Many law firms would like to know exactly how ‘invasive’ the app is. The Link App is not invasive and has no need to access the data described above.

Will my firm’s branding appear in the app?

Yes. Clients will download The Link App from the App Store or Google Play Store, and it will be your firm’s branding that will be seen within the app.

Does The Link App transfer information securely?

Yes, all data transmission to and from The Link App is protected using SSL encryption.

Is the data stored securely?

Yes, all of the messages and files exchanged via The Link App are stored using encryption.


Integration FAQs

What is Integration?

Integration allows The Link App to exchange information with other systems, such as a Case Management System that you might already use at your firm.

What is Core Integration?

Core Integration allows your CMS to create cases automatically in The Link App. This means that you don’t need to register cases manually in The Link App, but you still need to use The Link App’s Desktop App to send case updates.

Once a case is created in your CMS, it is also registered in The Link App. The next time you log into The Link App you’re able to find the case and start sending case updates immediately.

What is Custom Integration?

Custom Integration allows your CMS to use all the features of The Link App from within your CMS. This means you can register a case in your CMS and send case updates from within your CMS without having to use The Link App’s Desktop App.

What is the difference between Core and Custom Integration?

There are 2 main differences between both types of integration: functionality and price.


The differences between both types of integration can be summarised in the following table:

Function Core Integration Custom Integration
Create case Using your Applications Using your Applications
Update case Using The Link App Using your CMS
Check callback requests Using The Link App Using your CMS



Both kinds of integration have additional setup costs on top of the user licences to pay for development:

Core Integration

– No additional setup cost but,

– User licence price is increased to £35 (plus VAT) per user/month

– Requires the purchase of at least 10 user licences.

Custom Integration

Initial setup cost varies: you can choose between having your IT department perform the development required or request The Link App to manage and bill you for the project. User licence price is the same as a standalone licence: £25 (plus VAT)

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