How much does The Link App cost?

  in Features, Law Firms - September 27, 2016

We want to learn from law firms as much as possible in order to keep providing the best service – so keep it coming! Most recently, we’ve had lots of up-front questions about the cost of the app, so let’s run through it in a little more detail.

Our intention is to make the pricing as flexible and adaptable as possible. This ensures that any type of firm (big or small) can use The Link App confidently – remember, it’s free for clients.

The payment plans are split into two simple types:

  • Per User Licence – The most popular method used by law firms. Set annual cost for every user of The Link App within your firm.
  • Per Case – A flexible option.

Which one you choose depends on what suits your situation at the time. The reason ‘per user’ is so popular is that it’s perfect for firms of all sizes and budgets, and can grow alongside your firm. Costs can be paid monthly or yearly, giving you even more options.

Those working with a limited number of clients might opt for the ‘per case’ option – although we would recommend taking to a member of our team to ensure it really fits your requirements. It’s a good way of understanding your investment, and depending on your preferences you could potentially pass the costs on to the client, although this would have to be agreed with them.

So what’s the cost?

For the popular ‘per user’ plan, you can either pay upfront for the year, or on a monthly basis to spread the cost. The licences run on a 12-month basis, so there are no huge upfront fees. Choose between:

  • £25 per month (per user)
  • £299 per year (per user)

A user is anyone in your firm who communicates with clients; from fee-earners to support staff or accounts. There’s no need to purchase a licence for members of your team who don’t update clients, for example IT or marketing. Although they still love us because we become your competitive advantage.

If you decide on the pay-as-you-go ‘per case’ plan, you only pay when your clients use the app. This also depends on the volume purchased. The cost here is between £15 & £25 (per case).

What else?

Paying by credit/debit card is no extra cost, but there is always a nominal one-off installation fee per firm of approximately £249 (for the per user plan) or £499 (for the per case plan).

If you wish to have our product integrated, there will be a bespoke piece of work carried out to make it ideal for your firms use. This could cost as little as £500. It depends what systems you are using, how many workflows you have and how customised these have been. We will always use a specialist and provide cost estimates upfront.

Apart from the above, that’s it. No other hidden fees, what you see is what you get. Remember that as part of our package we don’t charge fees for training, tech support, consultancy, customer service, and marketing support.  Lots of tech providers have hidden charges such as maintenance fees, and upgraded packages that offer improved services – that’s not the case with The Link App.

We’re always there to help you get used to your new app, so you can start making a difference.