Happy Birthday to The Link App!

  in The Link App News - August 15, 2016

pexels-photo-48663Today marks our second birthday and we wanted to celebrate this day with you all.

Over the last 24 months, The Link App has completely transformed from an idea into a working tool for law firms, thanks to the help of those firms who’ve introduced the app into everyday use. Developed by Lauren Riley, TLA is beginning to revolutionise communication between firms and clients – and has been a welcome sight for those with previous bad experiences in communication. A main aim of ours has always been client satisfaction – and that’s a goal we’ve always been working towards with firms like yours.

We have been mentioned in The Guardian, The Evening Standard, The Times, as well as the Huffington Post, to name a few; which is helping more law firms understand innovation can be simple. It’s a testament to show that when you have an idea, with commitment and determination anything is possible – which makes us proud of how far Lauren & her team have come.

After an amazing year we want to give thanks to our team, and also to our brilliant, forward-thinking law firms who are looking to change the way the legal sector works. Your adaptability and willingness to change will help improve the way your clients view you – hopefully as a forward thinking, client focused firm!

We’re constantly working on new ways to adapt our product to suit yours and your clients’ needs, and always keen to hear your views and feedback. If you get the chance, a great birthday present to us would be if you could leave a review on one of our pages (G+, Facebook, App Store, Play store)!

Here’s to another exciting year ahead…

Many thanks,

The Link App team