A revolutionary way for law firms to communicate with clients

Created by Lauren Riley

What is The Link App?

Created for lawyers, by lawyers, The Link App has been specifically designed to help law firms improve client communication while gaining a competitive advantage.

By utilising a dedicated secure channel of communication, this innovative technology enables you to keep clients in the loop at the touch of a button, giving them an all-round improved experience.

Given law firms are faced with unprecedented competition, The Link App presents an incredible opportunity to embrace innovation ahead of the curve. The great news is any firm can get started today...

For Law Firms


Desktop App

An easy-to-use desktop or web-based application designed to compliment existing processes. Increase client satisfaction and improve everyday efficiency, by adopting this innovative product.

For Clients


Mobile App

A free mobile app designed especially for busy clients who are on the go. Clients can stay in the loop with instant updates, reducing the need for them to contact you.

Why The Link App?

The benefits of innovating via our technology
  • Keeps clients up to date with the progress of their case.

  • All interactions are automatically recorded, as they happen.

  • Gives solicitors and clients 24/7 access to essential case information.

  • Reduce the need for constant phone calls, emails and letters.
  • Interactions are automatically recorded, reducing risk of human error.

  • Completely free to use for clients.

  • Minimal costs and risk – you only pay for the app when clients use.

  • Bank level security, giving peace of mind to clients & law firms alike.


Real time communication

The ultimate time-saving tool for both law firms and clients.

Multiple platforms

The client app works across Apple (iOS) and Android, as well as both tablet and mobile. Plus, easy access 24/7.


No data ever leaves the UK and it is encrypted to the same standard that banks use. There is also secure login for clients.

Ease of use

Simple to navigate with pre-populated and custom notification options.

Push notifications

Allows clients to be updated in an instant, straight to their phone. You can see when clients have read your updates.

Request a callback

The app is interactive, allowing clients to ‘request a call back’, which reduces interruption to work flow.

Lawyers Say...

Don’t just take our word, listen to what law firms say about us...

"One great thing about The Link app is that it has actually been a selling point. It is easy to use and customers are impressed. We now use this technology to sell our services."

Tony Crocker, Managing Partner

"The reaction from clients has been positive. It is easy to use and clients have easily been able to register and setup. We regularly hear - oh that’s good isn’t it."

Tracy Winstanley, Director

"What we like most about The Link App is its ease of function, it sets out to be a straight forward system and it is! We see it as a business advantage."

Scott Whyte, CEO

Unique Product

An app designed from scratch specifically for lawyers.

Exceptional customer service

We maintain a 100% satisfaction record among our users.

Complete technical support

Quick, efficient and free support for both lawyers and clients.