Here's what some of our customers have to say about The Link App

“The Link App is a great tool for our clients and us alike. The app allows me to keep clients updated in a succinct and professional way without being time consuming. As for clients, it is so easy to use, keeps clients engaged and gives them something extra for their money. In a digital age, the Link App is great for us and our clients.”

Raj Phandey, Paralegal

“We use The Link App because we want to offer our clients a more modern, efficient and easier communication option; one that makes their experience with us smoother and helps us modernise our approach to business. The Link App is an attractive option for firms looking to add a competitive advantage."

Scott Allan, Partner , Andersonbain LLP

“Almonds chose to implement The Link App as we are always looking for Innovative solutions to provide quality client care across all of our practice areas”.

Nicola Russell, Practice Manager

“The Link App supports our Stellar Service ethos and our commitment to customer service excellence. It has provided us with another communication platform through which we can supply updates and information to our customers on a real time basis. For our customers it is easy to use and offers value add from a service delivery perspective. For us it has reduced the time spent on phone calls providing updates and confirming appointments; and generally assisted us in supplying a more intelligently delivered and cost effective service.”

Laura Jones, Marketing Manager

"One great thing about The Link app is that it has actually been a selling point. It is easy to use and customers are impressed. We now use this technology to sell our services. The Link App can be used by fee earners and support staff alike. It is easy for support staff to see where the case is up to and send notifications without disturbing the fee earner. It is much quicker than calling and the message is recorded for all to see. The Link App has been a great selling point with our customers who recognise the potential to save time, costs and inconvenience. We have found The Link App has increased our ability to communicate with our clients in real-time and reduced costs on both sides. The biggest gain has been the unproductive hours saved per case from reduced inbound queries."

Tony Crocker, Managing Partner

"The reaction from clients has been positive. It is easy to use and clients have easily been able to register and setup. We regularly hear - oh that's good isn't it . Clients were really receptive and really liked the idea of having an app to receive communications. We like the fact that you can tell when clients have read the message we send, it is extra is helpful. For example, when we change their appointments."

Tracy Winstanley, Director

"What we like most about The Link App is its ease of function, it sets out to be a straight forward system and it is! We see it as a business advantage. It is a good use of technology which ties in very well with our aims as a business. We see the benefits to clients of having it. They are able to instantly access an up to date position in respect of their case. Everyone in our firm is positive about it and excited by it. It is not often they are given a work tool and they get excited by it."

Scott Whyte, CEO