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Who is Generation Silver Surfer?

Across society, there is a common misconception that the 55+ age group are resistant to both engaging with, and using, technology and mobile apps. Often newer technology is directly marketed towards the younger generation on the assumption that the older age groups simply aren’t interested.

Alongside this there is the preconception that they are resistant to the change that comes with adopting new technologies. This becomes more prevalent within traditional industries such as accounting and law. However, recent research has proven that this could not be further from the truth. ‘Silver swipers’ are purpose driven internet users that have significant digital engagement. A report by Ofcom into Adults media use and attitudes, actually shows that over 85% of 55-64 year olds agree that new communication methods have actually improved their day to day lives, and made them easier

You can see more on this report here.

This report shows further evidence of their engagement and willingness to use new forms of tech. In addition to this, a 2015 report conducted by the BBA recorded that, at that time, there were 2.3 million people between 70-100 who were using internet banking and the corresponding mobile apps. A large contributor to our technological advancements, which have led the digital shift, is the development of hi-tech TVs and smartphones. Technology has become unavoidable and the 55+ age group, having the most disposable income and time, are therefore primed to utilise this technological progression.

As the reports mentioned above show, the data is there, and the ‘Silver Swipers’ are in fact, readily discovering new technology and embracing it in their day to day lives.

What has caused this shift, and how can we start ensuring that this particular age group are supported by companies looking to embrace digital developments within their businesses?

There are a number of factors that have led to their enhanced use of smartphones and tablets within the older generation including:

  • • The working age increase, leading older generations to utilising technology in the workplace, and for socialising, and therefore engendering a modern touch in every aspect of their lives.
  • • Apps and web platforms are a convenient way to manage certain tasks – particularly with the time-poor, or those who may have limited mobility and may prefer to have the option of doing things from the comfort of their own home.
  • • Transactions can be done instantly, without being constrained by opening hours or travel time.
  • • Products that offer instant messaging, or real time updates, provide a level of reassurance to consumers, allowing them to be kept up to date – without having the hassle and inconvenience of making numerous phone calls.
  • • Tech companies are becoming more focussed on the overall user experience of their products, making things easier and simpler to use – meaning no confusing manuals, or long explanations. Often it is simply a case of downloading an app and being instantly connected.
  • • Whilst not forgetting, those with grandchildren are more likely to use apps and technology as it keeps them connected as that’s how their grandkids communicate.
  • • Those lucky enough to retire have more time to engage. With a stronger emphasis on health and fitness apps to track health data and monitor ailments, there is an app savvy approach from the older generation who are looking for ways to improve their lives via the use of technology.

How can you start catering towards this audience?

As an app-based company, it is important that we consider how our product will be used by all age groups – and not just the ‘millennials’ who are permanently attached to their smartphones. The Link App is designed to improve client communications between law firms and their clients, streamlining the process, providing a secure environment for document transfer, and allowing real time case updates and milestones. All of these factors work together to provide an efficient, and time-saving product for both lawyers and the client.

As we’ve discussed above, the research shows that those over the age of 55 are more than willing to engage with new technology, and are perhaps even more inclined to do so, if it will save them time and make a particular service more convenient for them.

So why not book a demo today, and see how The Link App could improve your client engagement on all levels, and help your firm support and encourage users of all ages.

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