New features: Document Sharing and eSigning

  in Features - June 20, 2017


Document sharing and e-signing now available in a single secure real time mobile app.

Do you know that The Link App mobile app now features a new secure document delivery function for all those confidential documents that you are required to send AND that your clients can now instantly accept/ decline and sign those documents digitally and return them to you? All of this via The Link App- a secure seamless communication App.So no need to email important documents and risk them going into junk boxes, going astray, or getting hi-jacked by third parties. Documents go straight to your clients, and only to your clients, via their mobile device! Only they can access the secure App.

There is also no need to email clients and ask them to sign in separately to an online portal. You can push documents straight to them instantly.

So for whatever area of law you are in you will regularly:

  • Transfer sensitive confidential and personal information
  • Require your clients’ agreement to documents
  • Need your clients to sign –up for services /accept client care letters
  • Require an audit trail of agreements

That is why The Link App is pleased to tell you about these new features.

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