For law firms

Our easy-to-use communication platform is the secure, efficient tool that will really impress your clients. Find out why our feature-filled alternative to emails is the best decision you can make for your firm:

  • Clients are demanding more services for less costs or a fixed cost. Driving efficiency is no longer a nice-to-have – it is a must to survive in this changing landscape. Data from our users reports that we make you up to 34% more productive. Work smarter, not harder.
  • Our platform is secure. Reduce your risk, as 96% of cybercrime is committed using email. Thousands of clients trust us already knowing that 100% of our communications are encrypted to 256-bit SSL, the same standards that most UK banks use.
  • Your clients will love using The Link App, and improving client experience is key to your success. 97% of all of our notifications are read. Happy clients are repeat clients and will help you grow by spreading the word.
  • Differentiate from the competition on service levels, not on price. In a world where online ratings are commonplace, you need every client to have a good experience. Standing out from the crowd is easy when you use our product.
  • Investing in innovation means future-proofing your firm in a changing world. We know the best technologies now and keep an eye on what is coming. We do the research and development and implement when the time is right, so you don’t have to worry.
  • You choose how to use it. Standalone or integrated? Pay monthly or annually? Five or twenty-five milestones? Automated or bespoke messages to clients? Off-the-shelf or let us build something?
  • It is unlikely you’ve had the time to survey your clients on the subject but it is highly likely you have an unmet client need. They are used to using WhatsApp and other tools in their personal lives. A recent survey shows 85% of clients prefer mobile apps to websites.

We know that, usually, for a law firm, the words ‘tech project’ conjure up fears of huge development bills, stressed IT teams and months of lost productivity. The Link App is different: quick and easy to start using. No upfront cost, development or complex formatting. Give your firm a competitive advantage and clients what they want today!

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