What is it?

When you sign up for the The Link App, you can start using The Link App Portal to register clients and send case updates right away.

Integration allows you to register clients and send case updates from the systems you already use at your firm, such as Case Management System, Matter Management System, or any other application.

Integrations is achieved by allowing your systems to connect to The Link App through our private API. Contact us to request access or request more information about the integration process.

Integration enables you to be even more efficient: your systems connect to The Link App automatically, reducing the time spent updating your clients even more.

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How does it work?

Once your current systems have been integrated with The Link App, they are able to connect with our platform to send and receive information related to your clients and their cases.

The users at your firm can use their current systems to access features* from The Link App, including:

- Register cases/clients in The Link App.

- Send case updates to your clients.

- Send documents securely from your existing systems to your client's mobile device.

- Receive callback requests from clients via The Link App.

*Features available will depend on the ability of your systems to connect with The Link App.

Core and Custom integration

We currently offer two types of integration: core and custom.

Core Integration

Core integration allows you to establish a connection between your applications and The Link App to register cases in The Link App automatically.

  1. 1. Register cases and clients in your applications.
  2. 2. The cases and clients are automatically registered in The Link App.
  3. 3. You send case updates by logging into The Link App.

Custom Integration

Custom integration allows you to establish a connection between your existing applications and The Link App. It enables you to send case updates and documents from within your applications.

  1. 1. Register and update inside your applications.
  2. 2. Your systems integrate with to The Link App to deliver secure case updates.
  3. 3. You don’t need to use The Link App portal, all actions are done within the applications you already use.
  4. 4. Initial setup requires development to connect both systems: can be performed by your IT department or our dev team (bespoke quotes available).

Frequently Asked Questions

In short, Yes. The Link App has developed the infrastructure required to support integration with other systems. For more information on this, please contact us at [email protected]

By the way, we are the Official App Partner of Eclipse Proclaim, and integration is already supported.

There are two main differences: Functionality and Price.


Core Integration allows you to register cases in The Link App from within your CMS but you still need to log into The Link App's Desktop App to send case updates.

Custom Integration allows your CMS to register cases and send case updates all from within your CMS: you don't need to use the Desktop App.


Core Integration does not have a setup cost if you purchase 10 or more user licence per month, but the monthly price is increased to £35 (plus VAT).

Custom Integration does have a setup cost if you perform the development required for integration. If you'd like us to perform the development required, we would bill you for this. The monthly price for a licence remains at £25 (plus VAT).

The time required to complete integration with your CMS depends on the specific requirements you have.

You are able to use The Link App as a standalone product while your integration project is completed.

See our pricing page for more information.