Case Studies

The Link App is already making an impact on the firms that use our system to manage client communications.

We're excited to share the following case studies to help you gain some insight

FBC Manby Bowdler

Neil Lloyd from FBC Manby Bowdler talks about their experience implementing and using The Link App.

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Tell us about yourself...

Hi, my name's Neil Lloyd. I'm a Sales Director at law firm FBC Manby Bowdler based in the West Midlands. We have about two hundred staff and six offices.

Why The Link App?

The reason why we chose The Link App is because as a progressive law firm we understand that technology has a massive part to play in being a differentiator for us. The Link App fits perfectly alongside some of the other software solutions we have implemented at the firm to help our clients have a better experience.

Any reservations?

As a law firm that's been around for over two hundred years and has many, many clients that use us time and time again, the main reservation we had with using The Link App was whether or not our clients would actually use the technology. The proof, as they say, is in the pudding and over 90% of the clients that request The Link App do use it proactively during their case.

Benefits ?

There's no doubt that using The Link App has saved our clients and ourselves time and money.

We're able to proactively manage communications with clients.

How do you use it?

We use The Link App with all new enquiries. When they contact us we tell them about our services and that we use the Link App as a dedicated, secure channel of communication. They are very receptive to this and we use the technology regularly during the on-boarding process to improve conversions. Once they become clients we then continue use the Link App to keep them updated throughout their case.

The workflow feature inside The Link App is a great way for customers to see what stage their case is up to and what they can expect from us next.

How does The Link App help?

The Link App has definitely helped us win more business, particularly in the conveyancing and personal injury market which tend to be more communication heavy. Clients have told us that they want their communications more succinct and that they want them on their mobiles. It has been the difference between us winning a case or not on a number of occasions.

Who should use The Link App?

I would definitely recommend The Link App to any law firm that's looking to enhance its customer experience and win more business.

Andersonbain LLP

Scott Allan, Partner at Andersonbain talks about using The Link App.

Why did you choose The Link App?

I was attracted to The Link App initially due to the speed of communicating with clients and allow us to keep them up to date very quickly with their case. The fact that there is innovative technology has also kept us ahead of our competitors at the forefront of the marketplace.

Did you have any reservations?

I think the main reservation that I did have was whether or not the use of the feedback we have had from clients who have used it have enquired about it has all been positive. I did also wonder if it would over complicate communication but it has not.

What are the benefits of Using the Link App?

The main benefit is the speed and ease of communication with clients. We can let them know how their case is progressing from phone or tablet almost instantly.

How do you use the Link App?

It has generally been useful for our residential conveyancing transactions. We can let people know what stage their contract is at, title deeds etc. We do not just see it being used for that going forward to the future.

Who should use The Link App?

All firms of solicitors should be aware of it and should use it as it allows the innovative technology, quick communications with clients. It also is very beneficial for clients who then can get updates on their case.

Boyles Solicitors

William Boyle, Managing Partner at Boyles Solicitors talks about using The Link App.

Tell us about yourself

Boyles Solicitors have been an innovative firm for a long time. The prize winners of the Lloyds Law Society Business of Award Scheme. I myself have considerable experience. I am an honorary lecturer at the University of Dundee as is one of the other partners. This is a firm that prides itself on intellectual achievement and being able to do the best for clients.

How do you use The Link App?

I use it part to communicate, part as a memoir of things that I should be doing and contacting clients.

Any reservations about using The Link App?

I have absolutely no reservations about it at all. It is new technology for us and we are finding it absolutely marvellous.

What are the benefits of using The Link App?

Well it cuts down dramatically what I would call wasted time. The main benefit is that we can be satisfied the clients are kept up to date and properly marketed and satisfied with your service.

Who should use The Link App?

Obviously any solicitors internally but more importantly externally when they are dealing with clients. I do not think it is restricted to a particular area in practice of law area for practice of law. It should cover the full range.

How does The Link App help your business?

It helps just better in terms of office administration. With the clients, satisfaction leves are up considerably.