Lauren Riley tells us all about The Link App

Lauren Riley discusses The Link App and why the legal world shouldn’t be afraid of embracing 21st century technology: I first had the idea for The Link App not long after I qualified as a solicitor. I decided to specialise in family law as I wanted to make a real difference. I was prepared for […]

  in The Link App News - November 21, 2014

Screen Shots

Here are some screen shots we took while testing The Link App this week. We are more excited than ever to see our vision coming to life… Desktop app Mobile app Latest update…we expect The Link App to be in the App Store by the end of the month!

  in Uncategorized - November 18, 2014

An update: release of the app

Because we feel that you are one of the most important bricks in what The Link App is building, we wanted to update you with our exciting news! Our tech team have been working flat out recently, and we are pleased to announce that the first version of our app will be ready within the […]

  in Uncategorized - November 6, 2014

Social media

One of our clear objectives here at The Link App is to help people and we would love it if you could follow us on our journey. With that in mind, we have gathered all our social media links below. Please follow The Link App on: Twitter: Facebook: LinkedIn: Google+:

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Potential challenges

Here at The Link App, we believe that transparency and honesty are crucial. This is why, in addition to the many positives we foresee, we have decided to share with you some of the challenges we could face as a business. Attitude Law firms are stereotypically traditional in their approach; many are still sending letters […]

  in Uncategorized - October 27, 2014

Why? (Client)

Following on from our last blog about law firms, we now turn to the problems facing clients of law firms. Many clients cannot afford access to legal services—a real problem when we consider the impactful areas of law that Lauren deals with. This can mean parents not being able to see their children, and spouses […]

  in Uncategorized - September 30, 2014

Why? (Law firms)

In our first ever blog, our founder, Lauren Riley, explained where she was coming from, personally, in The Link App adventure and, now, she tells us more about why she created The Link App. She thinks there are far too many people wasting energy on solving problems that don’t exist. We know she’s a straight […]

  in Uncategorized - September 26, 2014

Where to start?

At the beginning? No, that would take too long, but here is a brief introduction to our founder, Lauren Riley: The northwest of England is where Lauren Riley grew up, but she currently lives in London. This move was made because she understood that England’s capital city is where her exciting journey in business must […]

  in Uncategorized - September 24, 2014

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